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"I would say that anything someone is hoping to improve on, from stress relief and beyond, can be done through health coaching sessions with Will. He helped me realize that things could get better with small, obtainable weekly goals. I am a better person because of this experience and will look back on it for motivation and inspiration."  

—  Carrisa, Broomfield, CO

I offer one-on-one coaching to help you discover the most effective way to feel mentally and physically sharp throughout the day, accomplish more without sacrificing your health, and be happy and fulfilled by your work.

How many sessions we work together depends on where you are and what you want to accomplish.

Click HERE to schedule a free 90-minute exploration conversation.  This might be the conversation that changes your life.  

Which group fits you best? 


    • You have passion, and your mission is important.  You probably also burn the candle at both ends.  You need minimum viable health habits and a simple structure to implement and deploy them.​


    • You have a lot of responsibility​.  Making decisions as a leader can be challenging when you have to consider your teams, your company's strategy, and the expectations of numerous stakeholders.  Tolerance for ambiguity is the name of the game, and having an easy "release valve" is an important part of dealing with making so many important decisions. 


    • There's nothing that leads to incredible accomplishments more than a team that has gelled and is working well together.  Project work has unique pressures and stresses, and the race to a deadline can lead to a short-term sacrifice in team member health just to get the work done.  Your teams can succeed and cross the finish line without this sacrifice with a few simple techniques.​


    • You are achieving more and more, and you see the road to bigger things ​ahead.  How do you move forward in your career while staying healthy, happy, and fulfilled?  It's the little habits that you build now that become automatic as you take those steps and will serve your work and your health for years to come.  


    • Most of the complaints that people see their PCP for are related to stress, and work is a significant stressor for many of them​.  These patients need support with habit change from a health coach in addition to the diagnostic and treatment expertise that you bring to them.  If your patients work healthier, then their health will improve.  I consult on cases for clinicians and work with patients on referral.


    • Mentor coaching is part of professional development.  I work with other coaches on their coaching skills, working healthier in their coaching practices, and managing the challenges of running a successful coaching business.​

For questions about one-on-one coaching, please use the Contact page or email me at

I look forward to working with you!



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