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Stress & Peace of Mind: Which is Ordinary and Which is Extraordinary?

If you were to describe your everyday experience to me, which would be a greater part of your everyday life, stress or peace of mind? If your life is chaotic or your plate is full, it might be that stress is ordinary, frequent and familiar. It might also be that peace of mind is extraordinary, momentary and unfamiliar, rather than a regular part of your life. Some of us experience a lot more stress than peace of mind, just as we may experience more judgment than compassion or anger than joy, but we have the capacity to regularly experience all of these positive emotions and states, including peace of mind.

If you're not utilizing this capacity, what is holding you back and how can you get there?

  • First you need to know where you are. What are you currently experiencing? Do you feel stressed often?

  • Then identify what you want. Do you want more frequent peace of mind?

  • Then make this specific. What does regular peace of mind actually look like for you, in your life.

  • Then plan how you're going to get to this specific goal. This is where you have the power of choice. What are you going to do more of and what are you going to do less of?

  • Lastly, define your success along the way. How will you know if you're succeeding?

Follow this plan for anything that you want to change in your life.

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