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Stress Reduction & The Freedom to Choose

The freedom to choose how you want to live is one of the biggest benefits of reducing stress. Stress isn't unavoidable, but less stress means that you have more choices about how you spend your time and energy

When I’m stressed, my focus narrows to the most urgent things, at the expense of the big picture and the things I enjoy. When I’m stressed, my energy is low and I have to manage how I spend it. When I’m stressed, I’m more likely to experience burnout which puts me out of commission while I recuperate.

On the other hand, when I effectively managing my stress, my life is much more full. I get choose what to focus my attention on, maybe it’s listening to music, maybe it’s writing. I also have an abundance of energy. I’m as fresh and productive at 4 PM in the afternoon as I am at 10 AM in the morning. And most importantly, I don’t lose time to burnout. Rather than being knocked out of commission for hours or days, I’m active, productive, and feeling good throughout each day and each week.

How would your life be different with less stress? What would you choose that you’re not able to choose now?

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