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Systems Not Symptoms: Find the Root Cause of Your Health Issue

Are you struggling with your health? Do you know the root cause of your health issues? For any two people, the same symptoms can be caused by different root causes and the same root cause can produce different symptoms. Focus on the system not the symptoms!

Symptoms are like the check engine light on your car dashboard. They tell you that something is wrong but not what that something is. Symptoms like brain fog, skin issues, and GI problems like diarrhea and constipation may be telling you that your body is struggling with an underlying issue. These issues are usually occurring on a systems level. For example, something is affecting your immune system in an autoimmune disease or affecting your digestive system in IBS. Finding that "something" or root cause is the key to reversing the health issue.

Often a root cause of health issues is chronic stress. Stress that is constant or prolonged affects hormones, sleep, eating

habits, energy levels, and can make it more challenging for you to manage chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and IBS, to name a few.

Check your stress level. What is producing stress in your life? What changes are you able to make? Who is there to support you or take things of your plate? What techniques can you add to you stress reduction toolbox?

Consider other root causes. Inflammation may be to blame for your health issues. Poor diet, low quality or quantity of sleep, lack of movement, unresolved dental issues, or chronic infections like Lyme disease are all contributors to inflammation and this can contribute to a whole host of chronic diseases.

If the root cause of your health issues isn't obvious, consider working with a Functional Medicine practitioner who can do a full workup and talk through possible underlying contributors to poor health. Once you have a treatment plan, working with a health coach can help you build new healthy habits that help you feel better now and in the long run.

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